Kit de contrôle sans fil des valves sans position ajustable QTP 10901 Agrandir l'image

Kit de contrôle sans fil des valves sans position ajustable QTP 10901

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Wireless One Touch Remote Controller For QTP Electric Exhaust Cutouts Quick Time Performance

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Affectation : Universel

Catégorie originale : Exhaust Cutout Controller

Option Sortie orientable : Non

Option Télécommande (10900) : Non

Longueur (cm) : 15,24

Largeur (cm) : 15,24

Hauteur (cm) : 15,24

Poids (kg) : 0,4535

Pays d'Origine : USA

Accessoires de montage inclus : Non

Série : QTEC

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Série : QTEC

Description :

Wireless One Touch Remote Controller

Awesome things really do come in small packages! Whether space is at a premium in your Car or truck or you prefer to retain stock vehicle appearance or just like the high tech aspect of it all. The QTEC Wireless Remote Control system is the answer! The transmitter is small enough to install into the tightest spaces inside the car or truck. Not recommend outside or in the engine bay.

Connect your power/ground and plug in your QTEC's. It's as simple as that! Press the button on the remote switch and goes all the way open. Press it again it goes all the way closed. Open or Closed. The choice is yours! Automatically stops. You retain control of the amount of sound!

The 10901 works with many in-vehicle Garage door opener functions such as the ''Home-Link'' systems. 

  • 12v Reciever
  • Two Wireless Key Fobs